Why I wrote this book

Everywhere around us there is a plethora of material success but not happiness. What is the reason that despite running their rat races willingly and getting what they chase, people are still unhappy at the end of their journey. What is it they miss? What is the truth which they discover too late? Can there be a way to reach them before it is too late? Can they start doing the right things early to become happier human beings?

What is the role of spirituality in our lives? Is it an impossible to achieve utopia or something vital to our being joyous, our very existence? What happens to us when we break the laws of spirituality to achieve success in the world?

Who is God? Someone we seek outside of us but have not been able to find or a force within us? Is it our very self which is infinitely more powerful than the weakling we believe ourselves to be?

Spirituality. Success. Joy. Our evolution as individuals and the celebration called life.

We wrote this novel for all these reasons and practical insights to life. We do not claim to be any authority on the matter. Rather it is Ver 1.0 of the next phase of evolution. You are welcome to evolve this version to many advanced levels as you take your very own sparrow’s journey. And take the world along with yours.

Happy evolution!